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Andrew Meloy is an experienced Miami criminal defense lawyer. He has successfully represented clients in complex felony and misdemeanor cases throughout South Florida. Andrew has a proven track record of results, and has the drive and determination to get the best outcome for his clients. He is a member of the Florida Bar, and is licensed to practice law in all Florida courts.

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Andrew Meloy  | Neosho, Missouri

Age: 40

Phone Number: 281-974-9093, 281-568-2333

Addresses: 414 S Jefferson St, Neosho, MO ; 813 J St NW, Miami, OK ; 6518 Paso Del Sol Dr, Houston, TX

Relatives: Richard M MeloySamuel L MeloyMatthew Meloy

Work Email:

Andrew Meloy a criminal defense lawyer

Andrew Meloy is a criminal defense lawyer. They specializes in defending individuals who have been charged with a crime. A criminal defense lawyer can be either a public defender or a private attorney. A public defender is a lawyer who is appointed by the court to represent indigent defendants who cannot afford to hire an attorney. A private attorney is a lawyer who is hired by the defendant to represent him or her in court.

A criminal defense lawyer’s job is to defend his or her client against the charges that have been filed against him or her. A criminal defense lawyer must be familiar with the criminal justice system and the rules of criminal procedure. A criminal defense lawyer must also be familiar with the laws of the jurisdiction in which the case will be tried.

A criminal defense lawyer should be prepared to work long hours, as the job often requires him or her to work nights and weekends. A criminal defense lawyer should also be prepared to work on cases that are highly emotional and stressful.

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